Hi I’m Callie,

I am here to share with everyone how simple steps, taken every day, can lead us all to a life of deeper connection, peace and happiness.

I have been helping people live happy and fulfilling lives through the practices of yoga since 2008. After feeling transformed from my very first yoga class way back in 2002, I ventured into the world of yoga and found myself on a path of self-discovery that would change my life forever.

The beauty of yoga is that it has something to offer everyone; whether you are looking for a holisitc approach to manage stress, improve posture, heal from an injury, or find a deeper connection to yourself - its benefits are far reaching and is undeniably the key to living a happier and more easeful life. 

Being an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher, I am passionate about making my classes, inclusive, warm and welcoming and will always create a safe and supportive space for you to roll out your mat.

I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you.

Callie x