Hi I’m Diane 

I’m also known to a whole generation as ‘Jet’ from ITV’s Gladiators.  I’ve also been teaching Fitness as a PT and Group Exercise Coach for 30yrs.

For the last 20yrs I’ve also added being a practising counsellor/psychotherapist working online across the UK.  My work has taken me to work from community Sports Centres to being in private practice at the Chek Europe Institute amongst others.

My specialism is Pilates and Corrective Conditioning.  I also enjoy sharing a good old dance-off with Zumba following many years of being a choreographer.  You’ll find a variety of short and longer classes with a few Tabata HIITS, strength and conditioning thrown in too. 

Remember to always check if you’re able to participate by checking out with your GP for any concerns and for any history of joint/spine issues.  Then remember to join in, in a safe space and then simply follow the instruction and teaching points…Enjoy!

Insta: jetloves