Frequently asked questions


Do I need to sign-up to the site to become a member?

Yes please! If you sign-up as a site member we can set you up to give you instructor access to all areas of the site. Unfortunately, site membership is different than the instructor sign-up, there isn't the facility to add you across, so you will need to fill out the instructor form as well as the site sign-up form if you want access to the site and it's contents.

What detail do I need to send with my video?

When you add a file to the WeTransfer site, you can add a message to advise what information you would like included with the video. When we process the video, we can enter:

  • Title
  • Publisher (which will be you)
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Description
Type of exercise, level and suitability will be entered in the category section so they come up on searches. There is no limit on the description box, so any other information can be included in that field.

Do I need to add a disclaimer to the beginning or end of my video?

You can add your own disclaimer if you wish, if not, we will add a general disclaimer anyway, with a 'thanks for watching' at the end.

How do I upload a class?

On your web browser, go to sourceondemand.wetransfer.com and add the file to our page from there.


Why am I not showing on the community members page?

Once you sign-up, you have the choice as to whether or not you wish your profile to be public on the community page. The default is set as private. To make your profile public, click on 'join the community' under your account: If you are still having problems, please let Trina know.

I've subscribed, why am I still being asked to pay?

We have 2 pages with classes on, a 'pay as you go page' and a subscribers page called 'unlimited'. Only paying subscribers have access to the unlimited page. If you are a subscriber and you are being asked to pay, please navigate to the unlimited page via the purple button at the top, where you will have free access to all the videos. We did have an issue where some of the quick links from the top menu were taking you back to the PAYG page, but we think we have picked up all those errors now - please let me know if some of the links are taking you back to the PAYG page and you are being asked to pay. Thanks all and sorry for the confusion with the teething problems! Trina x



Can I purchase a joint or family subscription?

Joint or family subscriptions are not something we can facilitate on the website at this time, as there is no option to add a second log-in to an account. Unfortunately, each member will need to purchase their own subscription. This query has been added to the list for future improvements.