Meet the team, and we are still growing!

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I started practising yoga around 15 years ago and very soon became addicted! My initial practice was Ashtanga Yoga but it has evolved over the years and now my practice consists of Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, one or the other on a daily basis.

My love of yoga grew so much that I decided to do my teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga (500 hour diploma) and I started teaching back in 2012. I have never looked back and have enjoyed every moment spent both teaching and studying.

I keep my studying up to date and take CPD courses regularly to keep myself informed of the latest findings. At present I am doing a course in Yin and I regularly study meditation with Lama Shenpen Hookam.

In 2018 I decided to take my love of all things health to another level and did a years training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, qualifying as a Health Coach last year. I have helped many people over the last few months to better health and hope to continue doing so in the future.


Cathy X

Jared (JJ)

Circuit and HIIT

My nickname is JJ, I hold a Degree in Sports and Exercise Science (Teaching and Coaching).


My main interests are playing sports, listening to music and constantly trying to develop myself and other people.



Classes with Claire are all about helping you lower anxiety, reduce stress, feel stronger, and become more confident through a healthy enjoyment of yoga. Yoga is a great tool for unwinding the tensions and imbalances caused by 21st-century living.


Claire's yoga journey began in 2000 when she discovered that classes helped soften her mood swings and constant physical tension. Yoga taught her to feel more, regulate emotions better, and stop beating herself up.


Claire has been teaching yoga since 2010, and she draws upon approaches from Forrest Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Somatic Yoga.  She teaches in-person classes, teacher trainings and retreats on Ynys Môn, along with virtual classes too.



Hello, I’m Poppy. I was first introduced to yoga during my teen years, when I was going through a turbulent time. I immediately felt a connection to the practice and as the years have passed that connection has only grown stronger.

I am a 200hr certified yoga teacher focusing primarily on Vinyasa flow. I aim to keep my classes fun and enjoyable, whilst honouring the traditions of yoga.


I hope you will find my classes both playful and empowering!


Dance and Fitness

Callum is a professional dancer originally from the north east coast of Scotland.  He trained in Glasgow and London.  He has an honours degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre along with a fitness diploma and over four years of working in the entertainment industry.  A qualified and experienced teacher, he has taught classes in fitness and stretch as well as many styles of dance, including contemporary, jazz, salsa and swing.


“Keeping my body in top shape has been important throughout my career.  I really enjoy working out, especially with friends and some good music.  My favourite workout style is called Tabata and comes from Japan.  It is fun and it works!  Keeping fit is for everyone - for all ages, and for all body types.  I want to enthuse and inspire people to get moving and get fit!”


Personal Trainer and Healthy Weight Loss Specialist

Hi, I’m Noelle Watson.  I’m a Personal Trainer and Healthy Weight Loss Specialist. I’m also a bit of a Motivation Queen.  I can help you if you can’t stop eating, your clothes are too tight, or you’re just not feeling like you anymore.

I work 1-1, run classes, both live and online.  AND I also love to work on people’s Motivation too.  In their heads.  This is where the magic really happens – I provide answers, with real accountability, huge support, and a friendly community of like-minded fantastic women.

I absolutely LOVE to work with women over 40 who just want to lose weight, tone up and feel fabulous … all without the gym and without dieting.  I can make it happen for you, permanently, and fast, the healthy way.  You will be amazed at how easy weight loss and fitness can be if you just know how to switch the switch in your brain.

Hope to speak with you soon. x



Hi I’m Callie,

I am here to share with everyone how simple steps, taken every day, can lead us all to a life of deeper connection, peace and happiness.

I have been helping people live happy and fulfilling lives through the practices of yoga since 2008. After feeling transformed from my very first yoga class way back in 2002, I ventured into the world of yoga and found myself on a path of self-discovery that would change my life forever.

The beauty of yoga is that it has something to offer everyone; whether you are looking for a holisitc approach to manage stress, improve posture, heal from an injury, or find a deeper connection to yourself - its benefits are far reaching and is undeniably the key to living a happier and more easeful life. 

Being an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher, I am passionate about making my classes, inclusive, warm and welcoming and will always create a safe and supportive space for you to roll out your mat.

I look forward to sharing my love of yoga with you.

Callie x



Morgan is a professional dance and musical theatre performer. She graduated from one of the leading musical theatre schools in the UK in 2017. Since graduating Morgan has worked professionally in musicals overseas and across theatres in the UK. Morgan has a passion for dance, fitness and musical theatre, and believes that dance is a perfect way to keep fit and active whilst also being fun.

Morgans sessions will be fun dance routines that will range from musical theatre jazz to ballet bar style exercises and “sass” classes, all designed to increase your aerobic fitness, whilst strengthening and toning your body.

Morgan says “ I aim for my classes to be fun and enjoyable, to build on your strength and fitness whilst also, hopefully, learning a new dance skill!”

“See you in class” Love Morgan xx


Mat, Prenatal, Postnatal, Aerial Pilates

I am a qualified Mat Pilates and Aerial Pilates (Air Control) Instructor. I also have specialist qualification in pre-and post natal exercise and I am a mum of 1 little tot. I am a total advocate for the benefits of Pilates as its own discipline and to complement other activities - I grew up dancing alongside lots of other sports, I love high impact practices, extreme sports and being upside down and so far Pilates has kept me strong, flexible and (relatively) injury free! I'd like to think that my classes at all levels are challenging and allow people to discover how strong they really are - my focus is on optimal breath to underpin a flowy practice which seeks to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body.