Hi, I’m Noelle Watson.  I’m a Personal Trainer and Healthy Weight Loss Specialist. I’m also a bit of a Motivation Queen.  I can help you if you can’t stop eating, your clothes are too tight, or you’re just not feeling like you anymore.  

I work 1-1, run classes, both live and online.  AND I also love to work on people’s Motivation too.  In their heads.  This is where the magic really happens – I provide answers, with real accountability, huge support, and a friendly community of like-minded fantastic women.  

I absolutely LOVE to work with women over 40 who just want to lose weight, tone up and feel fabulous … all without the gym and without dieting.  I can make it happen for you, permanently, and fast, the healthy way.  You will be amazed at how easy weight loss and fitness can be if you just know how to switch the switch in your brain.  

Hope to speak with you soon. x 

Instagram: noellewatsonfitness

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