Free focus classes

If you are a runner, cyclist, or take part in any sort of activity which involves repetitive motion of the legs, you will notice how much the hamstrings tighten up.
We have 2 classes available to help you loosen up those tight areas. Cathy takes us through a wonderful yoga routine focussing on stretching out those tight hamstrings. Secondly, Callum takes us through a full-body foam roller class, which helps with releasing lactic acid from the muscles, easing off tension and getting the elasticity back into your whole body. The section that works the IT band (iliotibial band) is especially beneficial for runners and cyclists.

There's plenty more where that came from!

We are a platform that was set-up by instructors, for instructors. Our instructors are qualified, insured, experienced and down-to-earth. Not only that, they are available to chat on our community, so you can ask questions and interact with them. We feel that your yoga, Pilates, dance or fitness instructor should be someone you connect with, not just watch.
For those who like to dip in and out, we have pay-as-you-go classes, or if you prefer commitment, subscription plans are available which give you unlimited access to all classes, instructors, forum, blog and the community.